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As the sixth largest owner and operator of cable systems in the U.S., Bright House is a multi-service operator that serves select areas in California, Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, and Florida. Bright House proudly serves approximately 2.5 million customers who subscribe to video, TV, phone, high speed internet and data, home security and related services.

With an upgraded network, Bright House can provide internet and data plans with up to 90mbps with its Lightning 90 plan. Other plans include speeds of 60mbps, 30mbps, and 10mbps. The standard internet plan offers up to 10mbps download speeds and 1mbps upload speeds and comes with 10 email accounts with 2GB of mailbox storage. Turbo features up to 30mbps download and 2mbps upload speeds with up to 25 email accounts and 5GB of mailbox storage. For heavy internet users, the Lightning plan will provide you up to 60mbps download speeds and up to 5mbps upload speeds with the same email plan as Turbo. For strong power users, the Lightning 90 plan boasts download speeds of up to 90mbps download with 10mbps upload speeds and offers up to 30 email accounts and 10GB of mailbox storage.

Some of Bright House’s supplement features to the internet plans include:

Bright House’s webmail access gives you the ability to check your email from anywhere, like Gmail or Yahoo. McAfee anti-virus and family protection provides you access to the premier internet protection tools on the market. You will be protected from viruses and spyware as well as have complete control over what you see online with parental controls and Youtube filtering to eliminate inappropriate content.

Bright House customers also have access to the Road Runner video store with searchable content across titles, actors, studio, and genre for both movies and television programs. This also includes access to the Road Runner video channel with access to news clips, music videos, trailers, and more.All Bright House prices and packages may vary and are subject to change.