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A leading broadband communications company and the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, Charter today employs more than 21,000 and provides services to more than 5.7 million customers in 29 states, including the following: Texas, California, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, and many others.

Headquartered in Stamford, CT, the company is focused on integrating the highest-quality service with clearly superior entertainment and communications products. Over the years, billions have been invested in the communities Charter serves through infrastructure upgrades to deliver TV, video, high-speed Internet, phone services, and bundles to homes and businesses across the United States.

With respect to internet, Charter Spectrum Internet provides high speed bandwidth for downloading photos, video and gaming with speeds that start at 60mbps and go up to 100mbps. A high bandwidth base means that you will be able to more easily connect and use multiple devices at the same time – you can stream a movie while you browse the internet on a tablet or your phone without any drop in performance whatsoever.Spectrum internet with wireless connectivity provides this service to every device in your home, making it a solid choice for families or larger households.

Charter makes it painless to connect all of your devices with top of the line wireless routers that offer superior speed and ranges, meaning the same quality of service and reliability no matter where you are in the house. You will also have access to 24/7 dedicated technical support from top-tier technical engineers.

With Charter, on average you can download up to 8 songs in 3 seconds or upload up to 50 photos in a matter of minutes. With upload speeds of up to 5mbps, you can game online without making the connection suffer on other devices.

Spectrum Internet from Charter also features a full security suite that is included with all internet packages. It features parental controls to keep unwanted websites and videos out of sight, and help protect you from credit card fraud as well as identity theft. This special suite can be installed on up to 3 computers with every package.

All Charter prices and packages may vary and are subject to change.