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Spot-on info on Seattle Internet

Seattle has, and is, known for its thriving tech scene and exciting culture not to mention its exquisite coffee. Small wonder then that it has become one of the booming cities in the country, attracting people from all states and abroad. Studies have predicted a steady growth of new people for the next 20 years.

The increasing population has also made the cost of living in Seattle become more expensive. Compared to other major cities in the U.S., living in Seattle is 24% pricier.

The status of real estate in Seattle is blazing hot, maintaining the heat for more years to come. This may be the best news for residents who already have invested in a home but will prove almost unreachable for incoming people.

What about the status of the internet in Seattle? Is it also as expensive as the ritzy costs of everything from real estate, transportation, and food?

Yes and no, depending on what you need and can afford to have. Yes, when you want the fastest fiber optic network available in your area. No, when the most basic plan is chosen and if you qualify for low-cost programs from the different top ISPs.

Seattle has currently 3 giant providers offering residents the chance to have the cheapest, yet high-speed internet for the low monthly rate of $10. Meeting the criteria qualifies any resident in Seattle to avail of the cheapest internet rates along with speedy and dependable services.

These up-to-date programs in Seattle offer the opening for locals to avail of cheap internet rates for as little as $10 a month:

  • Programs for Seniors.
  • People aged 62 and above and have a smaller pension than most qualifies for low-cost internet connections that even includes free installation.

  • Program for residents living in public housing.
  • The public housing must be qualified for this program for residents to enjoy inexpensive internet connections with fast downstream speeds of 10 Mbps for $9.95 a month.

  • Programs for Families.
  • A child in the household qualified for reduced or free school lunch programs can readily get a fast and cheap internet connection in the home for only $9.95 a month. Another qualification would be if the school the child is currently going to has more than 40% of their students on reduced/free lunch programs.

It has been said the “best things in life are free”. That goes for free internet as well. The free internet may not be convenient, fast, and safe. However, it is the cheapest option because it is free. Public libraries, parks, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, bus and train stations, hotels, and more all have WiFi connections they happily share to everyone.

However, when convenience, privacy, and fast internet connections are what it is all about, all is not lost when the goal is for cheap rates as well. The different ISPs DO offer affordable rates and knowing what you need and can afford to pay for already wins you the battle.

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