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Bright House Internet Seattle provides fast and dependable services every time and all the time. There are varieties of Bright House Internet prices offered to fit everyone’s budget. As the 6th biggest cable provider in the country, Bright House lives up to its reputation of giving the best services for the best value.

Fiber optic and cable are the services offered by Bright House as the gateway to the internet. Check out the standalone internet plans and packages offered by Bright House to choose the one you thinks fits your needs:

Bright House 60 Mbps Internet for $44.99 a month

Do everything online fast and easy with the downstream speed of 60 Mbps. Stream, surf, browse, share, shop, and play online all you want with the zero data caps. Modem with WiFi rental is a low monthly charge of $5 and one-time set-up fee of $34.99 to cover WiFi activation and professional installation.

Bright House 300 Mbps Internet for $179.99 a month

When internet speed is the essence you’re out for, the blistering fast downstream speed of 300 Mbps gives that to you and more. Share this super fast speed with multiple devices and users at the same time, all the time without lag and buffer. Enjoy the ultimate online experience with this super speed as you indulge in all your favorite online games, movies, videos, music, and more. A one-time setup fee of $34.99 covers WiFi activation and professional installation. Modem with WiFi rental is for a small monthly charge of $5.

Enhance the digital lifestyle of the entire household while saving more by going for bundle deals with Bright House. Pair your high-speed internet connections with either a home phone to enjoy unlimited local and nationwide calls to Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the U.S.A., Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Bundling your high-speed internet with TV gives you the lineup of more than 125 channels with free HD. Gain entry to more than 10,000 On Demand titles including your favorite movies in 3D or HD.

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