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Unequaled Xfinity Internet plans

Xfinity Internet prices and services are unequaled, bar none. This is because Xfinity Internet deals are created to fit your digital lifestyle while staying within your budget range.

Going for the ultimate digital experience from the high-speed internet, TV, and the home phone is readily met by all single and bundle packages from Xfinity.

Xfinity High-speed Internet for $39.99 a month

Ride high through the web with the super fast downstream speeds of 50 Mbps offered in this high-speed single internet plan from Xfinity. The plan includes a powerful security suite free of charge as it delivers the most dependable and the fastest in-home WiFi connections for all devices and users anywhere in the home, all the time and every time.

Xfinity Single TV Plan for $44.99 a month

Load up the entertainment value of the entire household with the lineup of more than 140 HD channels. Get the chance to access PPV channels and hundreds of On Demand titles and programs.

Single Xfinity Digital Voice features

Enjoy the convenience of more than 12 popular phone features including voice mail. Call all you want all over the country with the unlimited nationwide call feature of the home phone. Get the Caller ID feature not only on your home phone but also on your Smartphone, TV, and tablet.

The bigger savings are with bundle packages. Check out this double play package from Xfinity:

Xfinity Double Play Bundle of TV and the Internet for $49.99 a month

Do everything you want online at the same time with 3-5 devices and users with the fast downstream speeds of 25 Mbps. Stay connected everywhere and wherever you may be with the unlimited access to WiFi hotspots across the country.

Watch your favorite popular channels with the lineup of more than 10 channels. Local channels include FOX, NBC, and ABC. Get access to Streampix to watch favorite movies and shows.

Grab control over your in-home network as you temporarily stop WiFi access anytime you want special family time bonding with the Xfinity X1. Learn more about this unique feature of Xfinity by calling us today.