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Handpicked Cox Cable Packages for all digital needs

Cox Cable Seattle offers handpicked deals to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Cox Cable Internet plans can be had singly or bundled with TV or the home phone to give singular experience in every home.

The bundled deals offered by Cox guarantees bigger savings along with the convenience of one single bill for all each month. Here’s one of the finest Cox triple play offer a home can’t do without:

Cox Triple Play of TV, the Internet, and the Home Phone for $89.99 a month

This triple play maxes out everyone’s digital needs in the home as it gives an incredible lineup of more than 220 channels, some in full HD. On Demand titles numbering thousands promises high levels of watching experience every time and all the time.

The super fast downstream speeds of 50 Mbps included in this package make sure of fast and dependable online experience for every device and user in the household. Expect this kind of speedy connection to get seamless surfing, streaming, gaming, shopping, chatting, sharing, browsing, and more all the time, 24/7.

The home phone inclusion makes this package a must for every resident in Seattle. The features included in the home include all the popular ones along with the unlimited local calls.

Take a look at the single plan offers for the internet and TV to see how bundle deals save you more on your digital bills:

Cox Contour TV for $64.99 a month

The Contour TV plan from Cox assures the finest TV experience hands down. The tremendous viewing choice becomes possible with the lineup of more than 220 channels including your favorites. Free access to HD programs is also included in the deal as well as entry to thousands of On Demand programs and titles.

Cox Internet Essential for $39.99 a month

The Internet Essential is the company’s most basic plan which provides 5 Mbps downstream speed. 10 email addresses are included in the plan along with Cloud Drive storage of 1 GB.

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