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Unsurpassed quality Optimum Internet Plans

Optimum TV and Internet offers the best digital combination services for any home. Optimum Internet prices offer several options to enable consumers to get the packages they can afford.

Single internet plans from Optimum offers speed ranges from 5 Mbps to 101 Mbps connected to the homes via cable wires. Optimum offers modem rental for a low monthly fee of $4.95. However, Optimum allows consumers to purchase their own compatible modem to the service.

The best things you gain as soon as you sign up with Optimum are:

Single internet plans from Optimum are available although, it goes without saying that the bigger savings are with the bundled services. Standalone internet plans still have perks such as zero contract, zero data caps, and free online protection.

Take a look at this standalone internet plan from Optimum as a point of comparison with regards to savings for bundle offers:

Optimum Standalone Internet Plan for $44.99 a month

The super fast downstream speed of 60 Mbps easily and quickly sends you on your way to all you want online from streaming, surfing, gaming, sharing, and more minus lag and buffer. The modem can either be rented from Optimum or purchased separately.

Optimum Triple Play for $84.95 a month

This triple play package includes a lineup of more than 245 channels along with free HD channels. The internet service provides a zippy downstream speed of 50 Mbps to get you to where you want to go online quickly and easily. The unlimited nationwide call feature of the home phone gives you the chance to talk all you want anytime and all the time.

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