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Get it all with Time Warner Internet packages

Time Warner Cable Internet provides TV, the internet, and the home phone for you to have it all. Single Time Warner Internet plans are also available if the need is only for fast connections that can always be counted on.

Time Warner Single Internet Plan for $39.99 a month

Do everything you’ve always wanted online with the super fast downstream speeds of 60 Mbps as you stream, play, share, shop, surf, chat, and more. Gain freebies such as entry to all online content from EPIX, powerful security suite as protection from online threats, and internet modem.

There are numerous advantages to gain from Time Warner Internet plans with none of the disadvantages you get from other providers such as:

Dependable speeds

Not only are the internet speeds fast, they are also dependable every single time you go online. The downstream speed of 60 Mbps is pretty exceptional when it comes to handling all your online activities such as gaming, surfing, streaming, downloading all the time minus the worry of lag and buffer.

In-home wireless network

Turn your home into a wireless hub with the free router that has the ability to spread the bandwidth to unlimited devices and users as they hook up at the same time to everything they want to do online. The shared bandwidth gives every device and member of the household the chance to play, stream, download, chat, share, and more without sacrificing the speed.

Zero data caps

Data caps are the bane of all internet users which curtails their online activities. “Overage” charges are often put up with when the data limits have been exceeded leading to frustrations from subscribers. Not so with Time Warner with the unlimited data caps in all their internet plans.

Excellent customer care services

Time Warner guarantees quality services from their 24/7 customer care specialists every time you need them. It does not matter whether you need to call or chat with them at any hour of the day and night for they will always be there for you.

These superior benefits from Time Warner can be yours now by calling us today.